Drums done! Well, almost. I think. I hope! :)

August 5th, 2015 by Trey

We had a GREAT gig Friday night at the Dog n Bone – thanks to all the friendly folks who screamed at the end (and sometimes the beginning!) of our songs… all except for the guy screaming “Freebird”, of course. “Freebird”? Really? Is that still a thing? Why do a certain group of young men think it’s somehow compelling to yell for that song? Are they even asking for that song? Have they even HEARD that song, or is it just a “thing” to scream Freebird? Should we LEARN Freebird just to make them wet their pants? I dunno, you tell me. Personally, I enjoy screaming “Beethoven’s 9th!” at shows.

Many thanks to Thunderfolk for coming down from Atlanta and jammin’ a show with us. Looking forward to more shows with them here and shows with them up in Hotlanta.

Photo Aug 01, 2 03 07

The Evolution Of The Beard at The Dog n Bone


Photo Aug 05, 15 05 15

Recording the album moves onwards. We’ve got drum tracks for all the songs, plus a few bits here and there we weren’t expecting but might make the record as well. Exciting stuff. Might need to re-do something once we start laying other tracks on but the tracks I’ve gone over with a microscope so far are sounding goooood. Ryan is an amazing studio musician.

And now! It’s my turn… Engineer! Wonder-Musician Powers activate! Form of… a Bass Player!

Photo Aug 05, 14 54 10

Testing this rig out today. Wish me luck. :)

Peace -Trey


ps – here’s us doing They Would Try from Friday night at DnB. Enjoy.